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Some components included in the following products may be of extra-european origin. Ottone Meloda guarantees the quality standards, so the warranty is applied to all products and components included.

Designer //

  • Wts Lab Design

Finishing available //

  • Chrome ..11

shower mixer int.100

Cod: 8L251

Square shower mixer int. 100

Cod: 4L220

Round concealed mixer

Cod: 19253

Round concealed mixer

Cod: 19254

Cold water tap

Cod: 19255

Round cold water

Cod: 19256

Square cold water

Cod: 19257

Set SHUT OFF set

Cod: 01400

Set SHUT OFF set round

Cod: 03329

Set SHUT OFF set square

Cod: 03330

Set SHUT OFF set old style

Cod: 03327
The strenghts